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SILAE: The Scientific And Cultural Network 
presenta Frequently asked questions
Here follow the list of questions and answers to the most commons problems.
If you encounter any problems, before taking any action, please read these few lines:
this will help you to save time and us to provide you a better service!

1. I've registered my account but it doesn't appear on the site

• Maybe your registration wasn't confirmed yet.
Confirmation is via the email that is sent at the end of the registration procedure.
If you still have not received an email then see point 2.

2. I've registered my account but still I have not received the email

• At the end of the registration procedure, ie after entering all your data and sent them, please check for new mails in the mailbox you just entered in the form: you should find an email, automatically sent by, with a link: to confirm your registration to the site is mandatory to click on that link or copy and paste it in your browser. If you don't do this then your just registered account will be deleted from the system.
This procedure is necessary to make sure it was really you to register and to check the validity of the mailbox you specified!

If you have not received the email:
-wait a few hours (lead times of some servers)
-check if a spam filter moved it somewhere.

3. I get a “login error”

• Your account has not been confirmed by the link provided in the email: see point 2
• Maybe there is a typo error in you username and/or password: please check it in the email sent after your registration process (you should have stored it)

4. Registration expired or already confirmed

• You cannot confirm your registration anymore by this link because:
a. simply it's already confirmed! so you can log-in with the access data that you can find in the email sent after registration process.
b. has been too long since you registered the site, you must register again. But first check if you're already registered. see point 6.

5. Payment failed

• Check out your credit card details.
• Be sure your credit card is enabled to foreign payments (if you were using a non-italian card)
• Remember that you must insert in the form: Credit Card Number WITHOUT spaces, CCV2, Name and Surname, a VALID email address. !!all these fields are mandatory!!
• DO NOT reload the payment page and during the payment DO NOT push 'forward' or 'rewind' in your browser! follow the proposed links. (general rule)

6. I'm going to register a new account.

• If you've already registered but you don't find you name in the list, please, do not register again: follow points 1,2,3.

7. I receive some payment warnings even if I have already done my payment.

• Most likely you have registered multiple accounts: log-in with the account you have not payed for and select 'Delete account' to deactivate it.
Later you will receive an email to confirm the cancellation.
If you don't confirm the cancellation then your account will be reactived within 12 hours.

• Peoples who payed for Congress + SILAE's dues by a bank transfer, to speed up the updating of SILAE.NET's database, may send the receipt to or

8. I made the registration two or more times.

• Log-in and delete the unwanted accounts). See also point 7.

9. I disabled the account by mistake.

• If by mistake you started the cancellation procedure then your account will be disabled: you can restore everything simply by doing nothing!
In other words, delete the email that is sent to confirm your cancellation and do not click on links contained in it: your account will be reactivated within 12 hours automatically.
Remembre that once you delete your account you can not restore it: you will register a new one again.

In all cases where you do not find an adequate answer to your problem, write to (for technical issues) or to (for other problems)

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