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Found 247 registered users in - Cuba

# Surname/Name Institution Macroarea
1: Abreu, O. show Ethnobotany
2: Abreu Martinez, M. show Anthropology
3: Abreu Payrol, J. show Phytochemistry and Pharmacognosy
4: Acosta Cabrera, E. show Phytochemistry and Pharmacognosy
5: Acosta Esquijarosa, J. show Phytochemistry and Pharmacognosy
6: Acosta Morejon, I. show Phytochemistry and Pharmacognosy
7: Adames Fajardo, Y. show Phytochemistry and Pharmacognosy
8: Aguilera Castro, A. show Anthropology
9: Aldama Peres, R. show Anthropology
10: Alfonso Valiente, M. show Anthropology
11: Almora, E. show Phytochemistry and Pharmacognosy
12: Alvarez, E. show Anthropology
13: Alvarez, M. show Anthropology
14: Araujo Nunez, M. show Anthropology
15: Arazo, M. show Food chemistry and Nutrition
16: ARENCIBIA FIGUEROA, M. show Ethnomedicine
17: Arencibia Figueroa, R. show Anthropology
18: ARENCIBIA LEON, K. show Food chemistry and Nutrition
19: AVELLO ROMERO, L. show Ethnobotany
20: Avendano Cruz, G. show Anthropology
21: Avila Perez, J. show Anthropology
22: Ballesta Benitez, L. show Phytochemistry and Pharmacognosy
23: Barrios Silva, C. show Ethnobotany
24: Bastidas, D. show Pharmacology
25: Becerra Garcia, R. show Anthropology
26: Becquer, M. show Pharmacology
27: Bermello Crespo, A. show Anthropology
28: Bermúdez Domínguez, M. show Ethnomedicine
29: Bevtot Rojas, R. show Complementary Medicine
30: Bonadies Perera, A. show Pharmacology
31: Brito Hernandez, M. show Anthropology
32: Bu Wong, M. show Anthropology
33: Caballero Zamora, D. show Anthropology
34: Caballos Rodriguez, N. show Pharmacology
35: Cabrera Suárez, H. show Phytochemistry and Pharmacognosy
36: Cala Cala, M. show Anthropology
37: Callava Couret, C. show Ethnobotany
38: Campo Fernandez, M. show Phytochemistry and Pharmacognosy
39: Canel, Y. show Anthropology
40: Carbajal Rodriguez, J. show Anthropology
41: Carballo, C. show Phytochemistry
42: Carballo Buque, D. show Other
43: Casado Martin, C. show Phytochemistry and Pharmacognosy
44: Casamayor Laime, Z. show Ethnomedicine
45: Casamayor Laime, Z. show Food chemistry and Nutrition
46: Casas Cross, S. show Pharmacology
47: Castillo, J. show Other
48: Chevalier Aguero, P. show Phytochemistry
49: Cruz Sotolongo, A. show Pharmaceutical Technology
50: Cruz Sotolongo, A. show Other
51: Cuesta Rubio, O. show Phytochemistry
52: Cuevas Moreira, A. show Anthropology
53: Daisson Sanchez, A. show Other
54: Darcourt, H. show Anthropology
55: De Armas Mesa, Y. show Phytochemistry and Pharmacognosy
56: Delgado Roche, L. show Pharmacology
57: Delgado-Hernandez, R. show Ethnobotany
58: Deroncele Caignet, R. show Anthropology
59: Diaz, B. show Anthropology
60: Díaz García, A. show Pharmacology
61: Díaz Solares, M. show Phytochemistry and Pharmacognosy
62: Dominguez, M. show Anthropology
63: Duncan Roberts, Y. show Other
64: Dupeyron del Sol, L. show Anthropology
65: Echevarría, R. show Other
66: Elizagaray, B. show Phytochemistry and Pharmacognosy
67: Espinosa, F. show Other
68: Fernandez Collazo, M. show Ethnomedicine
69: Fernandez Hernandez, N. show Anthropology
70: FERNANDEZ HUERTAS, M. show Other
71: Fernández, L. show Other
72: Fernández-Calienes, A. show Ethnobotany
73: Ferrer Dubois, A. show Anthropology
74: Filgueira, I. show Other
75: Filgueira, I. show Other
76: Fleitas Estevez, A. show Anthropology
77: Fonseca, D. show Anthropology
78: Frion Herrera, Y. show Pharmacology
79: Fuentes Leon, F. show Pharmacology
80: Fung Boix, Y. show Phytochemistry and Pharmacognosy
81: Fung Boix, Y. show Phytochemistry and Pharmacognosy
82: Furet Bridon, N. show Anthropology
83: Gamiotea, D. show Phytochemistry and Pharmacognosy
84: Gandulla Diaz, N. show Other
85: Garcia, J. show Anthropology
86: Garcia, M. show Other
87: Garcia, M. show Phytochemistry
88: Garcia Gonzalez, N. show Anthropology
89: Garcia Mesa, M. show Anthropology
90: Garcia Mir, V. show Anthropology
91: Garcia Pena, C. show Anthropology
92: Garcia Perez, L. show Phytochemistry and Pharmacognosy
93: Garcia Perez, T. show Anthropology
94: Garcia Salmerón, L. show Phytochemistry and Pharmacognosy
95: García Madan, K. show Pharmaceutical Technology
96: García Pérez, T. show Phytochemistry and Pharmacognosy
97: Godínez-Caraballo, D. show Ethnomedicine
98: Gomez Matos, M. show Pharmaceutical Technology
99: Gonzales Punariega, M. show Pharmacology
100: Gonzales Torres, Y. show Pharmacology
101: Gonzalez, Y. show Other
102: GONZALEZ, Y. show Other
103: Gonzalez Garcia, K. show Anthropology
104: Gonzalez Mosquera, D. show Anthropology
105: Gonzalez Ramirez, M. show Phytochemistry
106: González Laime, S. show Food chemistry and Nutrition
107: González Lavaut, J. show Phytochemistry and Pharmacognosy
108: González Lavaut, J. show Ethnomedicine
109: González Madariaga, Y. show Anthropology
110: González Pérez, Y. show Other
111: Gross Fernandez, M. show Pharmacology
112: Guerrero, K. show Phytochemistry and Pharmacognosy
113: Guevara-García, M. show Pharmacology
114: Guilberto Carrasco, N. show Anthropology
115: Gutierrez Anillo, J. show Anthropology
116: Gutierrez Cuesta, R. show Food chemistry and Nutrition
117: Hernandez Carretero, J. show Anthropology
118: Hernandez Rodriguez, A. show Pharmacology
119: Hernandez-Colina, M. show Pharmacology
120: Hernández, G. show Phytochemistry and Pharmacognosy
121: Hernández Rodríguez, L. show Other
122: Herrera Ledesma, Y. show Anthropology
123: Jimenez, G. show Pharmacology
124: Labrador Martinez, N. show Anthropology
125: Lamoru, K. show Other
126: Lara Bastanzun, M. show Pharmacology
127: Ledea, O. show Anthropology
128: Leliebre, L. show Anthropology
129: Leon Hernandez, A. show Anthropology
130: Linares Rivero, E. show Anthropology
131: Lopez Hernandez, O. show Anthropology
132: Lopez Silvero, S. show Cures
133: Lourdes Cabrera Suarez, A. show Anthropology
134: López García, Y. show Food chemistry and Nutrition
135: López Gutiérrez, A. show Ethnomedicine
136: Mahia Vilas, M. show Anthropology
137: Marquez Hernandez, I. show Anthropology
138: Marren Acelis, M. show Pharmacology
139: Marrero, D. show Phytochemistry and Pharmacognosy
140: Martinez, D. show Anthropology
141: Martinez Noa, Y. show Medicinal Chemistry
142: Martinz Sanchez, H. show Anthropology
143: Martínez García, L. show Food chemistry and Nutrition
144: Mayán Reina, G. show Anthropology
145: Medina arencibia, Y. show Ethnomedicine
146: Melqares Hernandez, P. show Anthropology
147: Menendez Castillo, R. show Anthropology
148: Mesa Gonzalez, D. show Anthropology
149: Milian, A. show Pharmacology
150: Milian, P. show Pharmacology
151: Miranda Martínez, M. show Phytochemistry and Pharmacognosy
152: Mondelo Rodriguez, M. show Other
153: Monteagudo Borges, R. show Ethnobotany
154: Montoro Ferrer, Y. show Anthropology
155: MORALES ARRASTIA, M. show Agronomy
156: Morales Paneque, C. show Ethnomedicine
157: Moya, L. show Food chemistry and Nutrition
158: MUSEO DE PLANTAS MEDICINALES, D. show Ethnomedicine
159: Navarro Despaigne, D. show Other
160: Navarro Soriano, R. show Other
161: Nápoles López, R. show Anthropology
162: Niebla Delgado, D. show Anthropology
163: Nodarse, M. show Cures
164: Nuevas Paz, L. show Analytical Chemistry
165: Olavarrieta, A. show Anthropology
166: Olmos Guzman, A. show Anthropology
167: Ortíz Fernández, W. show Phytochemistry and Pharmacognosy
168: OTERO SILVEIRA, E. show Ethnomedicine
169: OTERO SILVEIRA, T. show Ethnomedicine
170: Otero silveira, T. show Ethnobotany
171: Pacciaroni, A. show Anthropology
172: Pajarim Fernandez, L. show Pharmacology
173: Palacios, J. show Anthropology
174: Payo Hill, A. show Anthropology
175: Pelaez Dopico, Y. show Pharmacology
176: Perdomo Delgado, J. show Other
177: Perera Cordova, W. show Anthropology
178: Perez, A. show Other
179: Perez, Y. show Anthropology
180: Perez, Y. show Pharmacology
181: Perez Calixto, M. show Analytical Chemistry
182: Perez Capote, M. show Anthropology
183: Perez Fuentes, C. show Anthropology
184: Perez Labrada, K. show Anthropology
185: Perez Palenzuela, N. show Other
186: Pérez, E. show Phytochemistry and Pharmacognosy
187: Pérez Jackson, L. show Pharmacology
188: Pérez Machín, M. show Pharmacology
189: Puente Zapata, E. show Pharmacology
190: Ramirez Nunez, F. show Anthropology
191: Ramos Hernandez, L. show Pharmacology
192: Regalado, E. show Anthropology
193: Remirez, D. show Anthropology
194: Rios, A. show Other
195: Rivero Montes, T. show Anthropology
196: Rivese Salgado, Y. show Pharmacology
197: RIZO RUIZ, A. show Other
198: Robles, O. show Anthropology
199: Rodriguez, Y. show Pharmaceutical Technology
200: Rodriguez Amado, J. show Phytochemistry and Pharmacognosy
201: Rodriguez Amado, J. show Pharmaceutical Technology
202: Rodriguez Coipel, Y. show Anthropology
203: Rodriguez Quintana, M. show Phytochemistry and Pharmacognosy
204: Rodriguez Torres, C. show Anthropology
205: Rodríguez González, J. show Pharmacology
206: Rodríguez Leblanch, E. show Ethnobotany
207: Rojas, L. show Other
208: Roque Quintero, A. show Pharmacology
209: Rosales Ricardo, Y. show Anthropology
210: Ruiz Calabuch, H. show Pharmacology
211: Ruiz Salvador, A. show Pharmacology
212: Ruiz-Fuentes, J. show Complementary Medicine
213: Salomon Izquierdo, S. show Anthropology
214: Sanchez, D. show Anthropology
215: Sanchez, L. show Anthropology
216: Sanchez, R. show Anthropology
217: Sanchez Alvarez, C. show Anthropology
218: Sanchez Barrios, A. show Anthropology
219: Sanchez Lamar, A. show Ethnomedicine
220: Sanchez Rodriguez, L. show Pharmacology
221: Saponts, L. show Anthropology
222: Sánchez, N. show Anthropology
223: SÁNCHEZ PERERA, L. show Phytochemistry and Pharmacognosy
224: Siuerio Mate, D. show Pharmacology
225: Soler-Roger, D. show Pharmaceutical Technology
226: SolerMorales, O. show Food chemistry and Nutrition
227: Sosa, R. show Ethnomedicine
228: Spengler, I. show Anthropology
229: Suarez Padrón, M. show Phytochemistry and Pharmacognosy
230: Sueiro-Oyarzunyiyo81173, M. show Pharmacology
231: Tamayo Rivas, S. show Pharmacology
232: Tiomno, O. show Other
233: Torres, Y. show Phytochemistry
234: Troche Borges, Y. show Anthropology
235: Troya, Y. show Pharmaceutical Technology
236: Trujillo, J. show Anthropology
237: Vader, D. show Other
238: Vaillant Flores, D. show Agronomy
239: Valdès Iglesias, O. show Anthropology
240: Valdés Callado, M. show Analytical Chemistry
241: Vazquez Guerra, J. show Other
242: Vena Ayala, A. show Pharmacology
243: Vicet Muro, L. show Anthropology
244: Vidal Aguiar, Y. show Agronomy
245: Vidal Aldana, M. show Anthropology
246: Vidal Novoa, A. show Pharmacology
247: Yarienys Gonzalez, M. show Anthropology

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