The Tarantella

Experience the emotion of a tarantella during our social events

Sorrento doesn’t offer just art and culture, but also folklore, with its traditions, its songs and the Tarantella dance. Without a doubt one of the memories of Sorrento which the tourist brings home, is that of the Tarantella.
The origins of this dance are uncertain as it is not clear whether it was named after the city of Taranto or the poisonous spider, the tarantola, whose bite is said to cause the dance’s movements. What is certain is that the character of the Tarantella is clearly popular as it was once used to celebrate important moments of country life.
In our countryside, it was used in particular to celebrate the vine harvest, whose inebriating atmosphere was an invitation to happiness. Although the Tarantella was widespread throughout southern Italy, its greatest fame was attained in Sorrento, where it is still important as a sign of the uninterrupted tradition of a popular custom.
The rhythm of the Tarantella is always lively and the lyrics, whether common or refined, are always accompanied by typical instruments like the mandolin, the guitar and the violin with the rhythm beaten on tambourines and castanets by the dancers.


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