About Fundation SILAE

The International Scientific Society at www.silae.it! Become a SILAE Member for FREE!! The fundamental objective of SILAE FOUNDATION is to promote the research, development and use of medicinal and food plants in different countries of the Word. SILAE welcomes and actively seeks opportunities to work cooperatively, activating and intensifying scientific relations between Countries and between SILAE Members. You are cordially invited to register for free More

Organizing Committee

Organizing Committee Prof.Luca Rastrelli SILAE General Secretary Italo-Latin American Society of Ethnomedicine – SILAE Phone: +39089969766; +393381693414 rastrelli@unisa.it Dr. María Florencia Paoloni  Secretario Técnico Científico IILA – Organizzazione Internazionale italo-latinoamericana – Roma s.tecnicoscientifica@iila.org Dr Maria D’Elia and Dr. Serena Rizzo University of Salerno sorrento2020@silae.it Dr Sonia Carabetta and Dr. Rosa Di Sanzo University of Reggio Calabria sorrento2020@silae.it Prof. Luca Campone University of Milano Bicocca Dr. Rodolfo Arencibia More

XXIX SILAE Congress – Invitation

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we are pleased to announce the 29° SILAE Congress to be held on October 4-8th 2020 in Sorrento and Napoli, Italy