28th SILAE International Congress

“Gallego Otero Fernández” 

1st Congress on Medicinal Plants 2019– GTPM


NATURAL 2019 EXPO SILAE – International Trade Fair and Conference for Natural Products

From September 16th to 20th, 2019

Havana International Conference Center, Cuba


Dear colleagues,

As Presidents of SILAE 2019  we have the privilege to welcome all participants to the XXVIII Italo-Latinamerican Congress of Ethnomedicine, which will take place in Havana  from September 16th to 20th 2019. 

The overall goal of the meeting is to shed light on the importance of medicinal plants, and to disclose, by innovative models and techniques, new potential applications for the treatment or prevention of diseases. Special emphasis will be given to scientific breakthroughs in the area of traditional medicine unveiling new perspectives for the use of native plants that have been poorly studied so far.

The medicinal properties of plant species have made an outstanding contribution in the origin and evolution of many traditional herbal therapies.  Our major objectives are to explore the potential in medicinal plants resources, to understand the challenges and opportunities with the medicinal plants sector, and also to suggest recommendations based upon the present state of knowledge for the establishment and smooth functioning of the medicinal plants sector along with improving the living standards of the underprivileged communities. 

Thanks to the contribution of many worldwide recognized experts, a multidisciplinary approach will be the file rouge connecting sessions on anthropology, ethnobotany, phytochemistry, food chemistry and nutrition, green and analytical chemistry, pharmacognosy and medicinal chemistry, experimental and clinical studies on natural products within a unique and exciting congress.

Like previous meetings of the Italo-Latinamerican Society of Ethnomedicine, this conference will represent an excellent opportunity to establish new scientific partnerships, to share results from the most recent studies in the field of traditional medicine and to update the current knowledge on bioactive and/or natural compounds and on their applications.


In line with the Congress, a trade-scientific exhibition will be held at Grand Foyer (main lobby) of the Havana International Conference Center.

The NATURAL 2019 EXPO SILAE, a fair-related exhibition,  dedicated to being an information and communication platform for the whole of the Latin America region with the exhibition of products and services derived from the results achieved in technologies, projects and experiences. In this occasion, institutions, laboratories and domestic and international firms will have an excellent opportunity to exhibit their products, equipment, technologies, and books linked to the topic of the event.

Furthermore, the meeting will also offer the chance to spend some spare time in a Cuba a country full of art, culture, music,  history and passion  

Looking forward to see all of you in Havana next September.


Kind regards,

Luca Rastrelli and Rodolfo Arencibia

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